Now through September 30, get a one-week loaner unit for free when you send your forklift to our shop for a mechanical inspection. We’ll inspect and diagnose your equipment and provide you with a quote for further maintenance, if needed. If your forklift remains in our shop for repairs after the first week, you’ll receive 20% off the rental rate until your own equipment is returned to you.

What’s included:

  • Round-trip transportation to and from your facility.
  • Full diagnostic inspection with quotation for further repairs, if needed.
  • FREE week-long rental truck while yours is in our shop.*
  • 20% off subsequent weeks of rental while your equipment is being repaired.
  • Steam cleaning/sanitizing the truck before it’s returned to you.

To schedule a shop job for your equipment, please fill out the form below.

*Excludes cushion-tire forklifts 15,500 lbs. and above, and pneumatic-tire forklifts 10,000 lbs. and above.
*First week free only. If your equipment remains in our shop for repairs after one week, the rental transitions to a customer-billed rental at a 20% discounted rate. Offer expires September 30, 2020.

Forklift Battery Maintenance in Time of Shutdown

In times of prolonged shutdown and during periods of inactivity, it’s important to keep your lift truck batteries maintained so when it’s time to get back to work, everything will be functioning properly.

Read on for a list of the things you can do to make sure your equipment will be ready.

Eight Times a Forklift Rental Makes Sense

Sometimes a permanent solution is not always the answer to a temporary circumstance. With the right provider, you can have access to a variety of different rental equipment to suit your needs – short or long term.

Find out the eight common situations when a forklift rental makes the most sense for your business.     

The Importance of Regular Dock and Door Repair

Our team of dock and door experts can make sure your loading dock areas are working at optimum functionality, so you rarely experience downtime and your operations never stop. The key to this is having a partner that conducts a thorough planned maintenance program. There are three main reasons why dock and door planned maintenance (PM) should be crucial to your warehouse.