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3 Ways Fraza's Commitment to Service Stands Out

Fraza provides the best service, period. Our level of service is evolving and puts us on a completely different playing field than where we were five to ten years ago, or where our competitors are today.

In a world shifting away from face-to-face interactions, our technicians know our customers on a first-name basis.

Why You Should Invest in Telemetry for Your Warehouse

While telemetric technology is relatively new in the material handling and warehousing world, the industry is shifting as a whole toward data-driven metric analysis and decision making.

At Fraza, we have the resources and expertise to make your business run smoother, be more efficient and more profitable. 

How to Set Up a Safety Initiative at Your Business

For the safety initiative to be effective, employees need to be on board with it. Having a safety committee that has representation of all areas of the workplace will help to facilitate communication about safety issues. It’s important to have management involved in initiating conversations surrounding workplace safety, so employees can feel comfortable expressing their concerns.