The T20 pallet jack combines high productivity with excellent safety. Ideal for loading and unloading trucks. The maintenance free AC motor contributes to low intervals of service, required at 1000-hour intervals. Rugged and durable, this unit works well in narrow aisles, tight truck loading bays, and steep ramps.

  • Compact, rounded shape
  • Powerful, smooth-running AC motor
  • Creep speed ensures high maneuver-ability in confined areas
  • Traction speed adjustable
  • Comfortable controls, operable with either hand and gloves

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Caterpillar 2C5000 Forklift Walk-around Video

The Caterpillar 2C5000 liquid propane forklift offers what businesses demand: fuel economy, reliable performance, and greater operator control. Built for dependability, these forklifts can operate in a wide range of indoor applications to move goods, stage pallets, or transfer loads. Take a virtual tour of this workhorse for small businesses by clicking the Read More button.

The Importance of Regular Dock and Door Repair

Our team of dock and door experts can make sure your loading dock areas are working at optimum functionality, so you rarely experience downtime and your operations never stop. The key to this is having a partner that conducts a thorough planned maintenance program. With a full-service material handling partner like Fraza, you can keep all service under the same provider. 

Efficiency and Savings: The Future of the Electric Forklift

As a full service material handling provider, we have experts analyzing everything from equipment, and materials flow and throughput, to storage and retrieval, so we can guide our customers. A common theme we see from top to bottom is the role electric equipment will play in material handling from here on out. It’s not a matter of if the transition will happen, it’s a matter of when.