Are you neglecting your warehouse doors?

Our team of dock and door experts comes across many organizations that do not take the necessary steps to keep their doors energy efficient or safe for distribution. A missing shelter or seal can also cause a safety hazard at your loading dock as water and ice accumulate during the winter months.

Replacing worn-out seals and shelters will:

  • Eliminate heat loss from the building
  • Eliminate slipping hazards for people and equipment
  • Protect the product during loading and unloading

Luckily, Fraza is now offering a free consultation and 10% off parts and labor when we service your loading dock seals and shelters. Contact us today to get your warehouse doors fully prepped before winter!


Dock and Door Service

We specialize in servicing dock levelers, shelters/seals, high-performance doors, vehicle restraints, and sectional and rolling steel doors, but when it comes to your dock and door equipment repairs – you name it, and we’ll fix it.

Get in touch for a complimentary evaluation to identify ways to reduce costs, detect deficiencies in product performance andupgrade your equipment.

Warehouse Solutions

Our warehouse solutions include ergonomic equipment, modular offices, mezzanines, shelving, batteries and chargers, lockers, automatic storage and retrievals systems (ASRS), and more. Our team of experts will work with you to not only maximize the space and efficiency of your facility, but also to solve your space, storage, and facility equipment challenges.

Floor Cleaning Products

Whether you need a basic walk-behind scrubber or a heavy-duty ride-on sweeper/scrubber, we have a solution for you. Our industrial and commercial floor cleaning products are capable of scrubbing, sweeping, buffing, vacuuming, and washing your tile and warehouse floors. Our inventory includes products from Advance and Pacific Floorcare.